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About Us

Managing Director

I started my career at the Post Office's print facility. In 1994 I joined Advent 3B2 as a training instructor, helping Advent to grow in to the leading supplier of XML typesetting software. In 2005 I relocated to Hong Kong.

Outside of work I continue to pursue my love of the arts. Having studied for a BA in graphic design I have now created my own studio. In addition I have recently written and illustrated several children's books.

Production Manager

Born in Hong Kong, I started my typesetting career in the mid 80's. I remained with the same company until 2008. My role was to coordinate between the in-house production department and the production manager. Later I was responsible for setting up their Chinese production facility, and subsequently overseeing it's production.

When not working, I enjoy playing the piano and improving my photography skills.

RoyalStandard is a husband and wife owned and managed company.

Our company was formed in 2008 after both of us were made redundant. Rather than looking for employment in another organisation we decided that between us we had the skills and knowledge to create our own typesetting company. After all we have a combined 50 years within the print and typesetting industry.

Starting small, we have steadily grown in to a company with 20 employees. Our first office was located in Hong Kong. As the need to expand to larger premises arose, we decided to create a second office for use as our main production facility just 30 miles across the Chinese boarder in Shenzhen. This move provided us with ample office space and also gave us access to a young and eager workforce.

From the outset we made it our goal to provide our clients with online content i.e. Web PDFs, XML and ePub. These days 100% of what we deliver has both a print and a web version. As the market continues to change with ever newer technologies we will continue adapt to meet these requirements.

In the long term we are not set on becoming a global typesetting superpower. We feel that there are already enough of those. Instead we envisage a size that allows us both to retain a hands on approach to the company, so that at all times we are fully aware of what is going on. This manageable size allows us to pay a much higher degree of attention to each job. Ultimately we want to retain the family run atmosphere that we have now as this works very well for us.

So please feel free to take a look the samples of what we can produce, as well the type of clients that we typically work with. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

David and Elo Cairns

Our Services

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Microsoft Word files


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Content Editing & Preparation / Ahead of Print
Print PDFs / Web PDFs / XML / HTML / ePub

Clients / XML Expertise

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30-36 Shau Kei Wan Road
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